Removing a mole yourself

This is not as difficult as it sounds and many molecatchers have relied upon the many myths of deterrents. old wives tales and advice sourced over a pint in the village pub, to bolster the mystery behind the skill of the mole man. 

First of all lets put one thing straight


The mole repellents sold on line and in garden retail outlets are not permitted to be used. Along with moth balls, wood preservative, exhaust fumes, chewing gum, or grannies bath water.

Catching a mole is possible if you go about it the correct way – read a book – stay off line as there are more experts sitting in front of a computer screen then have dirt under their fingernails. How clean are my nails- you will not know so I will never explain how to remove a mole on a web site.
You will not learn from a book or from any training course, or internet show how to compete with a mole, only the base from which you can grow your experience from and the rules of engagement. The mole will set the tasks and what you learn from any written or spoken word can only guide you to not making the simple mistakes made by so many. There will be mistakes made by all embarking on mole catching until you gain the knowledge, that will come with experience. The one good point with controlling your own mole is the location never changes, the weather, soil and influences in your garden, paddock or field will always remain the same throughout the year. Unlike going to various locations where things are different each time, so you have a good start should you decide to consider taking on your resident mole.
Research the mole first, understand how they live, do not rush out buy something and expect it to happen,