Jeff Nicholls is Molecatcher, from a young age Jeff found he had a strange fascination for this rarely seen, never heard but often spoken about of British Mammals, he also discovered that he could catch them when all around him made claims of the elusive mole’s natural ability to thwart any attempts of capture. Parental objection to the use of metal devices in small hands at such an age was combined with cautionary advice, “lose a finger now, and you will regret it later in your life.” Like the rag to the bull, it only enhanced the curiosity to enter the mysterious world beneath the feet. The seed was truly sown and he embarked on a journey that continues today. The metal devices were compromised with a fathers explanation of how once moles were caught with bent sticks and horse hair snares, information passed down from his father's father who prior to the Great War was a humble gardener who may well have used that very method to remove moles from the lawns of the big house. So armed with homemade devices made from natures materials, the seed began to grow, parents happy in the knowledge that no harm would befall either mole or boy, as it would only be a craze and soon fade with tediousness and another name on the list of those to fall victim to the demise from the mole. A natural ability to catch was immediate, whether it was luck, or from an attention to detail a mole, then another and another began to be eased from the soil, and what started then continues today. However, the methods used today are far from as humane as those of that boy, and in the 21st century attacks made upon moles are often unnecessary or illegal. Jeff continues to catch moles but strives for a humane working practice and improved methods as it is only from respect, honesty and an understanding of both methods used and moles this will be achieved. Virtues often lacking in the employment of mole control in the United Kingdom today.