When it comes to moles, often a picture does not tell the true story. The arrival of a pile of soil is often considered to be a potential nightmare. However this is not always the case, before you decide the actions to be taken consider the options both for you and your unwanted mole. 

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You may be surprised to learn it is not always necessary to remove a mole

Training courses are back

Due to the lifting of covid restrictions the venue has released dates that are available see the course page for details 

Confirmed date - Saturday 2nd October 2021
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Learn This Heritage Skill 

Learn the traditional craft on a fully approved UK Rural Skills Heritage course - go to training page for more details

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Looking for a speaker for your garden club, social group or organisation - then why not enjoy being entertained and enlightened  into the mysterious world beneath your feet  -- contact Jeff with your needs

The Molecatchers Prayer 

Beware of the white mole by Jeff 

Then and Now the molecatchers method

A poem to reflect upon by Jeff

DVD- Catching Moles -Then, Now & How

Educational and Historical information on the mole in one film

To date no concise information about our humble mole has been available in visual format, Jeff combines the understanding of the life of moles with the history of mans plight to rid them. -- The result is an informative film on how moles live that is easy to understand.
It is presented without the need of any graphic scenes or prowess and is therefore an exceptional study aid. Each chapter provides information of this remarkable mammal, how they survive, create tunnels and how they find and consume the food  vital to their existence. 

Reference to removing moles is always a controversial topic, and contained in this film, the method of removal is explained with a compassion and respect and openly explains the honesty that often is lacking from man- for the mole, 

Catching moles  then - now and how

Everything about catching moles on one disk, including how to remove moles 


Jeff's latest DVD for Educators and Teachers - or anyone wanting to fully understand the life of moles is available New DVD containing three volumes on the mole at a saving cost
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Wart the country's favourite mole explains the mysterious world beneath our feet -

Jeff has produced this book especially for the growers - The Book every Gardener should read!

The Mole

This educational and entertaining look at the mole. explains the needs of the gardener and opens new pathways for those faced with the presence of the mole 
Whether you embark on conflict with the mole yourself or just want to fully understand this humble British mammal this book openly reveals all that is required to understand this most controversial nuisance of the garden. It provides the information for the reader to decide whether the mole is Friend or Foe, and needs to be removed or not.