When it comes to moles, often a picture does not tell the true story. The arrival of a pile of soil is often considered to be a potential nightmare. However this is not always the case, before you decide the actions to be taken consider the options both to you and your unwanted mole. 

See the Help I have a Mole link above to decide the fate of your mole

You may be surprised to learn it is not always necessary to remove a mole

DVD- Catching Moles -Then, Now & How

If you need to catch a mole this is perfect for you 

Jeff presented the first ever instructional film about moles over 30 years ago, in his 2016 addition to his work Jeff revealed more of his life with the moles . Following requests this DVD is once more available.

Perfect for anyone interested in moles - contains no graphic content that may cause offence- explains the world of the mole and the molecatcher and how to remove a mole should the need arise.

running time approx. 104 minutes 

Jeff has produced this book especially for the growers -

The Mole

This educational and entertaining look at the mole. explains the needs of the gardener and opens new pathways for those faced with the presence of the mole 
Whether you embark on conflict with the mole yourself or just want to fully understand this humble British mammal this book openly reveals all that is required to understand this most controversial nuisance of the garden. It provides the information for the reader to decide whether the mole is Friend or Foe, and needs to be removed or not.