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Published 2017

Catching Moles  includes a unique look into the history of the molecatchers as well as more information on how to compete on an even field with any mole.
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Published 2008 and again 2016

Mole catching a practical guide is a popular book, has enlightened, and educated people for over 10 years. It remains a firm favourite and is essential reading for anyone experienced or starting out in the world of the molecatcher.

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Other books by Jeff Nicholls include- 

Molecatcher first edition 2004 - 2nd edition 2006, -- out of print

A year of Wanting 2010 -------------------            available below

The mole that couldn't be caught 2018 ---------childrens book

The Mole - friend or foe 2019    ------                available below

Jeff also writes articles for magazines 



Catching Moles--  a comprehensive guide to catching moles

Then Now and How - over 100 minutes of molecatching knowledge. Explaining the history of molecatching, the methods then and now, Jeff opens the door to the world of the mole and explains his reasons for the method of his ways.
Jeff hosted the first ever film on mole catching back in the days of Beta max & VHS tape, now he has once again agreed to share some more of his knowledge of the way of the molecatcher. 

In 2016 he explained further some of the ways of the molecatcher and this is once again available on DVD. 

An educational must for anyone interested in the mole and/or their control,

Contains the most comprehensive information on the mole, how they live and their control through the eyes of a molecatcher.

Catching Moles

Jeff explains the history of the molecatcher in the way that only Jeff can
Learn about the humble mole as you are enlightened and educated
Jeff explains his method and the reasons for success and failure andboth good and bad practices are explained.

Catching Moles - Then, Now and How

£15-00 including P/P uk mainland

** New Volume containing all three WART the mole films now available   **

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The Mole

This DVD presents the knowledge to begin to understand Natures little earth thrower- anyone wanting to learn about moles- it is a must see film

£12-00p inc uk mainland p/p

Explains the basic information on how moles live- running time approx 30 minutes 

for younger ages 

WART THE MOLE explains the life of the mole for the younger age groups. 


THESE DVD's are perfect to assist in the understanding of one of natures miracles 

Bring some fun into your nature or countryside lesson as Wart opens the the mysterious world beneath our feet

NOW AVAILABLE - ALL THREE FILMS ON ONE DVD- save costs - just £12-50 inc p/p 
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The Mole with Wart vol 1

£7.50 inc p/p uk mainland

Aimed at all age groups the world of the mole is explained by the country's favourite mole- Wart. This first volume sets out the basic points of how moles live in the strange world beneath our feet
No graphic content so perfect for all to view
The way of the mole is presented in a easy to understand format, provides the information to begin to understand the mysterious world beneath your feet
running time approx 17 minutes

The Mole with Wart  vol 2

£7-50 inc p/p uk mainland 

Volume 2 explains the food that moles eat and how they create the tunnels to find it.
The ability to find food for the mole is vital for its existence and all is revealed in this volume
suitable for all ages
running time approx 19 minutes 

WART volume 3

£6-00 inc p/p uk mainland 

Wart explains how if moles do not actually like each other - how do they exist as a species, suitable for all ages
running time approx 10 minutes 

WART the mole -all three films on one DVD

All three films on one DVD - running time approx. 43 minutes Provides information for three separate lessons if required
Make learning fun with Wart the country's favourite mole
available @ just £12-50 inc p/p UK Mainland 

LATEST BOOK - The Mole friend or foe-  the gardeners guide

Jeff has written this especially for the Gardener and grower troubled by moles, is there a need to remove? what can you do and what are the consequences 

This is a must read book for any gardener or anyone thinking of competing with a mole. Fully explains the rules of play for a level field [excuse the pun] 

Soft cover 

124 Pages 

ISBN number 978-1-910181-75-1

Buy now £12-00 inc p/p UK mainland only 


A molecatchers year- explains the problems of competing with moles throughout the year, and allows the reader to learn what it is to want

soft cover .

£10-00 inc p/p UK mainland