REMOVING A MOLE - is it really necessary

Why not catch it alive and let it go again

Deciding whether to remove a mole or not is a decision that should not be taken lightly, it will result in the taking of a life. Moles are not permitted to be caught alive and relocated to another area and for very good reason – it is cruel and has implications that could lead to unnecessary suffering. Back in 2007, I successfully convinced a major supplier of pest control products to withdraw the supply of a live catch mole trap by explaining the reasons why a device sold as humane was in fact the complete opposite.
The plastic tube allows the mole to enter but imprisons it in a tube of torture. Immediately restricted and denied both food and water the mole is subjected to stress, dehydration and possible starvation and even more deplorable the potential to be joined in the confinement by another mole, resulting in a conflict for life. The inspection of the tube was at the mercy of the person responsible for its placement, and despite recommendations of twice a day inspections such visits are dependent upon, commitments, and attitudes. The British Veterinary Association recommend a visit every hour should such a device be used against a target mole. The real issue is after capture as what to do with a live mole. I am saddened to inform you that it must be humanely despatched. It is not permitted to release any animal back into an environment of which the suitability for that animal to survive is not known. In the case of a mole it would not be possible to know of the carrying capacity of a piece of ground for its sustainability [how much food is present] to support a mole. The mole requires consuming approximately two thirds of its own body weight per day, to locate and obtain that food requires huge amounts of energy. If the food is not available, that mole will be subjected to unnecessary suffering as it struggles to find the energy to tunnel and locate any possible source of food,until it expires from life. The Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs confirm that any mole caught alive must be humanely despatched – so please do not capture moles alive, it is both cruel and unnecessary.