Published 2017

Catching Moles  includes a unique look into the history of the molecatchers as well as more information on how to compete on an even field with any mole.
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Published 2008

Mole catching a practical guide is a popular book, has enlightened, and educated people for over 10 years. It remains a firm favourite and is essential reading for anyone experienced or starting out in the world of the molecatcher.

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Other books by Jeff Nicholls include- 

Molecatcher first edition 2004 - 2nd edition 2006, 

A year of Wanting 2010 

The mole that couldn't be caught 2018

The Mole - friend or foe 2019

Jeff also writes articles for magazines 

COMING SOON - Jeff's new video                                   Catching Moles Then Now and How 

LATEST BOOK - The Mole friend or foe-  the gardeners guide

Jeff has written this especially for the Gardener and grower troubled by moles, is there a need to remove? what can you do and what are the consequences 

This is a must read book for any gardener or anyone thinking of competing with a mole. Fully explains the rules of play for a level field [excuse the pun] 

Soft cover 

124 Pages 

ISBN number 978-1-910181-75-1

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